1. Do you do cabinet refacing?

‚Äč   Yes.  See one of our kitchen refacing jobs here.

4. How long do new kitchen cabinets take to make and install?

11. Can you make furniture too?

      Yes, we can make just about anything.  Give us a call.

8. Do you have photos of your previous jobs?

   Yes, we have hundreds of photos you can look through to see our work.  Commercial and residential, kitchens,      bathrooms, decks, furniture, floors and alike.  You will have a high level of comfort after seeing our previous jobs    so please inquire!

Tape measure on work bench

7. Can I come see your location?

    Yes, our shop is open for your review and approval.

10. What about hardware?  Do I pick my own or can you supply?

6. I want light wood cabinets.  What type of wood is best?

Contact Frank for your carpentry Long Beach and custom cabinetry Seal Beach. 

3. If I provide a picture of the cabinet doors I want, can you duplicate it?

    Yes, we can duplicate anything.  Bring us pictures from magazines, internet, or elsewhere.

2. How much do custom cabinets cost for a typical kitchen?

5. I want dark wood cabinets.  What type of wood is best?

9. Will you help advise us on all the various options?

      Yes, we will gladly help you with making the best selections so you get the best final product.  With our 40 years         of experience  we know what works best so please don't hesitate to ask.  If you don't look good, we don't

     look good!